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Editor: Martha Btezer. Director: Ida Grøn. Music: Jonas Berg and Tor Jaran Apold. 

This is the long pilot for "The MEDIUM".

Editor: Charlotte Munch Bengtsen. Director: Ida Grøn. Music: Jonas Berg and Tor Jaran Apold. 

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About the film



A creative feature documentary.

An extraordinary love story evolving around the Brazilian trance medium painter Florencio Anton - and the effect of his work. The story takes us from a life in the Brazilian slum through the worlds of deceased painters to living rooms of Western society. All with Florencio’s painting brush as the enchanting link and his paintings as windows to "the other".




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The FILM  

What if our realtions continue on the other side of the canvas?

"The Medium" is a different love-story.


Florencio is a so called physical medium. That means, spirits can express themselves using Florencio’s body. In Florencio’s case the spirits expressing themselves through Florencio are often deseased painters who bring Florencio into a trance and use his body to paint paintings in the style they were known for when they were alive. Since he was 8 years old, Florencio communicated with spirits, but only when he was 17 years old the spirits started painting through him. Florencio saw the potential of showing this materialization of the spirits to the world and collect money to help the poor in his neighbourhood in Brazil. For more than 20 years Florencio has traveled the world painting in front of audiences. During this time he and his collaborators bulid up a spiritist center in Brazil, from where they support 35 families with food, support around 80 children in their primary school education and help their parents with courses in first aid, job interviews, hygeina etc. A few they have helped with university education and a few they have build a house for. By now more than 100 painters have painted through Florencio. Paintings often have a direct connection to someone in the audience.

The film is created around three spaces:

The slum in Brazil, where we experience the everyday life in the slum of families receiving help. Their physical struggles, but also mental struggles of not feeling worthy. What does the help mean to them?

The space of spirits, the painting session where the spirits express themselves through Florencio. Florencio’s universe and the scientific test of it. Florencio is inclined to remedy his past lifes’ sins through his charity. This work stirs up inner and outer fights as he puts himself into spotlight of worship and condemnation. What is actually happening when Florencio is in trance? 

The livingrooms of Denmark, where people in the audience come home with a painting and an experience for life. Audiences connect deeply personal stories to the paintings they bring home. A portrait of a beloved grandmother, whom the buyer never had the chance to say goodbye to. A portrait of a small girl who was murdered and now came to her mother in a painting. A bucket of someone’s favorite flowers… The paintings are hanged on their walls as windows to personal memories and an other world.

The audience receive spiritual food all while families in the slum receive bread on the table.


One man's spirit is another man's bread.

Florencio’s STATEMENT

“If we could only learn to live with the conscience that our relations survive death – we would truly understand that the greatest in life is love. Actually, from one heart to the other there is no distance...The paintings are materializations of the spirit world”, Florencio.    


I first experienced Florencio at work in 2011 and could not believe there wasn’t already an into depth going documentary about it!

To me it is incredibly inspiring to follow a simple man with the dedication of a visionary. Empowered by his idea of doing good. So stubbornly focused on changing the world with love. An idea most of us Western born find far too naive for our world. But then what actually happens if you take this ”naive” idea seriously and like Florencio pursues it? All I can say is, his being has had a life-changing effect on many people he meets. Still he is of course a normal man struggeling with the same issues as you and me.

My initial curiosity was focused on what is actually going on when Florencio is in the trance? But my attention was fast captured by the actual effect of Florencio’s work. The concrete effect on the poor people in Salvador, the emotional effect on the audiences - be it an x-ray doctor or a fisherman, spiritual or non-spiritual, the "after effect" of the paintings in the living rooms. 

I grabbed the camera and set out on the journey to document this work. I’ve done this periodically in my spare time on my own account since 2011. 

Canvases have been turned towards the camera to show the paintings from better angles – painted upside down or sideways. With lights on or off. Painted with feet or hands. Two portraits by two different artists drawn at the same time with each of Florencio’s hands – upside down from each other. Invisible "hands" would even push me around with the camera.

Florencio is a spiritist, I am not. I was never baptised or a part of any religion or spiritual paradigm. Im a crossing between academics, artists and scientists. My outset is curiousity and inspiration. I want to access this special universe together with the audience.


“Florencio helped me acting differently, less aggressively, and feel more compassion for others. He helped me get a job”, Veronica Santos, Brazil, housekeeper. 

"The feeling of finding the deep meaning of life after death and the confirmation of what I see in the spiritual world, is the greatest effect Florencio has had on me‚Äč", Helle Olsen, Denmark, Sales Manager in a large ensurance company.


We are professional and successful filmmakers. We put a huge amount of enthusiasm, creative spirit and hard work into our projects why we ensure a high quality result. This is done in a warmhearted, disciplined and fun teamwork atmosphere. 

FILM DIRECTOR Ida Grøn has won several international awards with her film ”The Kid and the Clown”, which has been shown on TV-stations in more than 10 countries among others ARTE France, and Al Jazeera English. She has exhibited video-installation art at the Danish National Gallery. 

She works as a video journalist for TV while also giving hands-on-workshops in poetic documentaries. Ida is currently making a feature documentary with support from the Danish Film 

Institute and Danish National TV. Ida holds a Master of Arts in Film, Documentary Directing, from the National Film and Television School in England and a BA in Art History from the University of Copenhagen.

EDITOR Chatlotte Munch Bengtsen is one of the editors behind the 2014 Oscar Nominated documentary ”The Act of Killing”. She has edited several award winning documentaries including ”Tankograd”, ”American Losers”, ”Complaints Choir” and ”The Bastard Sings the Sweetest Song”. 

Before completing her Master of Arts in Film, Editing, from the National Film and Television School in England, 

Charlotte had a succesful career as professional dancer being one of the most sought after modern dancers in Denmark at her time.

SOUND DESIGNER Peter Albrechtsen is almost a cult phenomenon within sound design despite his rather young age. Peter graduated from The Danish Film School in 2001 and has since then worked on more than a 100 feature films and documentaries, domestically as well as internationally. Among Peter Albrechtsen’s recent credits are the multi award-winning The Queen of Versailles and the festival favorites ”Putin’s Kiss”, ”Canned Dreams” and ”The Bastard Sings the Sweetest Song”. 

At CPH:DOX 2012, Peter was awarded the ”Sonic Dox Award” for the sound design of White Black Boy. At the same time, Peter has been working on a long list of fiction films, one of the latest being ”The Idealist” and the Sundance winner ”Teddy Bear”. 

Previous work include sound effects editing on both ”The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo” (2009) and Lars von Trier’s ”Antichrist” (2009). 

Peter is a member of the US association of sound designers, MPSE.


We are ready to take the film into the first editing state. Where the film's editor and director Charlotte and Ida will collaborate on the narrative, the visual language and analyze what recordings the film needs. We are looking for 250.000 dkk for this. The money will cover technical equipment and vages. 

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