SORT ARBEJDE - docu soap TV-series for DR - VJ-tilrettelægger

The TV-series of 8 episodes follow the Nigerian couple Loveth and Collins as they strive and work hard to make their small cleaning company "Perfect Service A+" grow bigger than the leading Danish cleaning service ISS. 

Tell Me Why I am Single - TV-series for Channel 5 - VJ/Tilrettelægger

VJ/Tilrettelægger on episode 9 of the TV-series Tell me Why I am Single for channel 5, Denmark.  Produced by STV.

TV TV - editorial group: Chamber of Public Secrets, 2005-2006

Editor/Photographer for Chamber of Public Secrets on the independent TV-station TVTV 2005-2006. Photographer for the independent TV-channel "Kvinde TV" ("Female TV") 2010.